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Mastro Antonio, the carpenter, found a piece of wood which was able to speak, to cry and to laugh as a child. When Geppetto arrives, that piece of wood makes a joke: a little voice makes fun af them shouting "polentina"! The two old man quarrel, but they soon fall to the ground grasping their wigs. The fight ends there.


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Antonio makes peace with Geppetto, he can have that suspicious piece of wood: he can make a puppet which is able to jump. When the old man comes back home he makes the puppet with delight and he gives a name to him: Pinocchio. Pinocchio is already a naughty puppet when he opens his eyes. The bare puppet escapes and the poor Geppetto, because of that undisciplinated son, is wrongly arrested.


Insegnante Liliana Nadal in collaborazione con gli insegnanti del I Circolo e le Biblioteche locali.
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